Experience our Philosophy


Ours is a family-run farm producing natural wines from biodynamic agriculture with the utmost respect of the territory.
We do it out of passion and love for a territory we are very proud of, a territory that has long been dedicated to the production of volcanic and unique wines.

Our goal is to convey to those around us the same principles that guide our work and to pass down the concept that you can make good wine even without the use of chemicals.

Step by step, we are building our future thanks to the support of our family, our partners, and each one of you.


What you are about to drink is more than just a wine, it is a choice.

The choice to safeguard our territory, respecting tradition and ancient methods. It is a mindful, conscious act that helps us and our planet regenerate, that helps the mother earth give the best of her genuinity to you, to your family, and to those around you, settling internal conflicts with humility, modesty and equity.

It is a choice that helps us in the first place, because you will give us the chance to keep believing that it can be done, that we can be extraordinary, and the limit is always a grape bunch further away.

“Wine is poetry that embraces all 5 senses”


We aim for the pleasure and satisfaction deriving from growing and producing a spontaneous, integral and ecologic raw-matter obtained by applying the principles of biodynamic agriculture. We do so thanks to consultation, dialogue, and teamwork in full respect of roles, skills and personal experiences.

We aim to reach the maximum sustainability, mindful of our consumers’ health, hoping to share the principles that lead us with them.

Live the Winery

Book a visit to the winery and come and meet us to get to know more about our history, to taste our wines and to experience our territory.